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The masterpiece that is the first two series (streamed together) of Babylon Berlin surpassed everything that had gone before on German television. Now on the eve of Babylon Berlin’s (German) terrestrial première, ARD is announcing a third season. It was a huge and controversial project...

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On the Blog: Sweet Fruit, Sour Land

Happy publication day to Rebecca Ley and her stunning debut novel, Sweet Fruit, Sour Land! In the last circle of luxury in a barren London, government ministers hold glamorous parties. Mathilde and Jaminder, evading hunger and the restrictions on women’s bodies, form an unbreakable bond. But...

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On The Blog: The Cost of Living (An Ant and Bea Mystery)

Chapter 1 The bottle wobbled with every movement of the conveyor belt.   ‘You’d be better off lying that down,’ Bea said at the exact moment that the wobble turned into a nosedive. The woman made a grab for it. Too late. It hit the floor, glass and brown sauce exploding...

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On the blog: Celestial Bodies

Happy publication day to Jokha Alharthi, author of Celestial Bodies, and to translator Marilyn Booth! We're delighted to finally be sharing this award-winning novel with the English-speaking world, and to be sharing this extract. Elegantly structured, Celestial Bodies is the story of the...

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Blog tour round up: The Mountains are Calling

Over the past week Jonny Muir has launched his new book, The Mountains are Calling, both online and out in the real world. Thanks to the brilliant bloggers who have hosted Jonny during his blog tour, and to all who came along to help us celebrate the book's release at Waterstones in Edinburgh...

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