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Rebecca Ley wins The Guardian's Not the Booker Prize 2018

Rebecca Ley has been named the winner of the Guardian Not the Booker Prize 2018 for her dystopian debut novel, Sweet Fruit, Sour Land. The public vote went to Raising Sparks by Ariel Kahn, but the judges votes for Sweet Fruit, Sour Land overruled the public in what has been called a ‘brave’ decision.

The judges, Graham Fulcher, Cath Barton and Ellie Heyworth, held their meeting online at 11am BST on Monday 15th October – their discussion, chaired by Sam Jordison, is now available for viewing on YouTube (

... Barton complemented the book on ‘its subtlety and its quietude,’ while Ellie Heyworth commented that it was ‘beautifully and elegantly written.’ When asked to elaborate on her vote for the book, Barton described it as a ‘slow burn to a very moving ending,’ highlighting her enjoyment of the focus on hunger, power, memory and hope.

Rebecca Ley is delighted with the win, ‘especially among such tough competition.’

Robert Davidson, Managing Director at Sandstone Press said: ‘The Not the Booker Prize has, by now, established itself as quite the fixture in the annual round of awards. Rebecca Ley has a big future, and discerning readers would do well to lay hands on a copy of this fine book.’

Rebecca is now available for events and a limited number of interviews.

Rebecca Ley

Rebecca Ley