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Xpo North

We had a busy day yesterday at Xpo North!

Our bookstall, run by Waterstones Inverness at The Mercure Hotel, was packed full of great titles, and many people stopped to chat with us. The bookstall is also available today, so be sure to check it out and grab a free bookmark.

Our Publicity Officer, Keara Donnachie, then had an interview with Xpo North Live, a course ran by the event to give trainees experience in radio. She spoke about upcoming novels, The Shouting in the Dark by Elleke Boehmer, and Dark Branches by Nik Frobenius, which will be published in July.

In the afternoon, Elleke Boehmer was interviewed by our author Moira Forsyth at the Town House. It was an interesting conversation about some of the main themes in her new novel, The Shouting in the Dark, such as PTSD and family hierarchy. We'll be posting clips of the discussion later on our Facebook page.

Ronnie Browne also had an event at The Ironworks, where he was interviewed by Nicola Meighan. As well as reading from his autobiography, That Guy Fae the Corries, Ronnie discussed his painting, his early musical career and his wife, Pat. We'll also post some clips from this insightful talk on our Facebook page.

Then, to finish the day off, Elleke had an interview with Xpo North by the River Ness- it was a beautiful day for an outside chat about the writing process and Elleke's work on the International Man Book Prize panel.

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Elleke Boehmer

Elleke Boehmer

Ronnie Browne

Ronnie Browne