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Sandstone is closed to unsolicited fiction submissions from authors. Any fiction sent to us will not be considered. Please check the website for notice of the next open submissions period.

Fiction submissions from agents, and non-fiction from authors and agents, are welcome throughout the year. We consider all of them and will respond to you personally as soon as we can.


We welcome discussion with agents. Please contact us directly, outlining the book proposed and giving a brief biography of the writer, including their publishing history.


Authors should follow these guidelines:


Submit poetry, drama, fiction or books for children

Paste the submissions form, synopsis or chapters into the body of an email

Send us more than one book at a time

Include photographs or drawings

Post hard copy to the office. We can only consider electronic submissions. Hard copy submissions will be returned if an SAE is enclosed, otherwise they will be destroyed.


Look at and think about what we publish before deciding whether your work is suitable for us. We do not currently publish in the fields of self-help, new age or recipe books.

Complete both pages of the submission form, which can be downloaded below

Write a short covering email to introduce yourself and your work

Attach the submission form, a synopsis and up to 5,000 words of your book, including the first chapter, as Word documents

Name all attachments so that they include the title of your book, thus: Title - submission form; Title - synopsis; Title – extract.

Submissions which do not follow these guidelines may not be considered.


It’s much appreciated if work is submitted in the following format:

• One and a half spacing. Normal margins.

• Calibri, Times New Roman or a similar plain font • Indent for new paragraph

• No additional line spaces between paragraphs or lines of dialogue

• Line space to mark new section – no indent at beginning of new section

• Please send Word files. We are unable to open files in Pages and .odt format.

SEND submissions by email to

Submissions must be made electronically. Please do not post hard copy submissions to the office.


We always acknowledge receipt of scripts. We try to respond promptly and will let agents and authors know if a text is being sent to an external reader for a preliminary assessment. It may take several months for us to make a final decision about a book. Please contact us again if you get no reply.