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Lipstick and Leather: On the road with the world’s most notorious rock stars

Sandstone Press is delighted to have acquired world rights to Lipstick and Leather: On the road with the world’s most notorious rock stars by music industry pioneer Kim Hawes. Publication is scheduled for summer 2022.*

Kim Hawes is excited to be working with Sandstone Press. ‘It is an amazing feeling to look back on your life with pride. Even more amazing was the feeling when Sandstone Press said that they wanted to put my life in print, lipstick, leather and all.’

Lipstick and Leather is the tale of a woman working in a man’s world. From a merchandising job for Elvis Costello as a teenager, to managing tours for Motörhead, Rush and Concrete Blonde, Kim’s story is one of naivety, love, feminism, and sheer determination. It is, of course, also a story of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Assistant Publisher and metalhead Kay Farrell says ‘The minute I read Lipstick and Leather I was in love. Kim’s book is full of incident, anecdote and stories that made me howl with laughter. The writing feels like a chat with your best girl friend about all the things you don’t tell the men in your life.’


Kim Hawes, now an educator, author, coach and mentor, has come a long way from her early days of rolling posters and selling merchandise.

She has had an amazing four decades of touring, and was recently recognised for her achievement as a “Pioneer for Women“ in the music industry and Tour Management with an Honorary Fellows from UCLAN. She spent ten years of her impressive career with one of the most notorious rock bands ever, Motörhead. She was then head hunted, and went to America to become one the very first female tour managers in the world.

*Publication now scheduled for 2023