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David McCallum Publishes Debut Crime Novel with Sandstone Press

Award-winning Scottish Independent Sandstone Press will publish Once a Crooked Man, the new novel from actor David McCallum.


Sal, Max, and Enzo Bruschetti have spent their entire lives keeping a low profile. As their criminal empire as grown more diverse, they have relied on an increasingly complex web of financial arrangements to keep their business safe from prying eyes. Now wealthy and aging, they have decided to retire from crime. Right after they tie up a few loose ends...

But when actor Harry Murphy inadvertently overhears the Bruschetti brothers plotting to turn several associates into "dead meat" he is stricken by conscience and decides he must intervene. After traveling to London to warm one of the intended victims, Harry is caught up in a shootout, forced to flee in a high speed chase, mistaken for a Bruschetti agent, and handed a suitcase filled with cash. Out of his depth and in over his head, Harry is picked up by the British authorities who want to use him to build a case against the mysterious Bruschettis.

Paired with an unorthodox but sexy special agent, Harry is sent back to New York in the hope he can use his theatrical talents to flush out the Bruschettis. But after being abandoned by his handlers, threatened with castration, and forced to leap into the Hudson River, Harry decides to take matters into his own hands.

What follows is a madcap game of cat and mouse in which cops, criminals, bodies, and plot twists pile up faster than SAG members at an open audition. The action races around New York before returning to England and culminating in a deadly confrontation on the windswept moors.

Perfect for fans of Elmore Leonard and Lawrence Block, Once a Crooked Man is a unique crime novel loaded with the infectious charm that has made David McCallum one of television's longest running, most-beloved stars.


David McCallum plays ‘Ducky’, Dr. Mallard on NCIS, the no 1 show on television. NCIS is in its 12th season on CBS, averaging 22 million viewers a week in the US alone. It is one the most popular television drama series in the world. David also starred in the cult 1960s series, The Man From Uncle, as Russian agent, Illya Kuryakin, becoming a pin-up to a generation of young women, and in the science fiction series, The Invisible Man and Sapphire and Steel, which also achieved cult status.

Sandstone will publish in paperback in January 2016 . Sandstone Press Managing Director Robert Davidson bought exclusive UK, Ireland and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights from Meredith Miller at Trident Media.

Robert Davidson says :‘David McCallum is obscenely talented. Not only is he a superb actor who has inspired succeeding generations, and also a fine musician with several recordings behind him, we now discover that he is a tremendous novelist as well. Once a Crooked Man stands with the best of modern crime novels and is going to be loved not only by David’s legions of fans but also by purist readers of the genre. Sandstone Press is very proud to be his publisher on this side of the pond and throughout most of the English speaking world.’

David McCallum

David McCallum