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Puffins: Life on the Atlantic Edge

Sandstone Press acquires photographic book by Bird Photographer of the Year (Portfolio), Kevin Morgans.

Sandstone Press is delighted to have acquired World rights to Puffins: Life on the Atlantic Edge by author and photographer Kevin Morgans, with publication scheduled for May 2022.

As one of the most recognisable and loved seabirds on our planet, Puffins: Life on the Atlantic Edge will showcase the lives of the Atlantic puffins, from their unmistakable appearance to their quirky personalities.

Kevin Morgans has recently been announced as the winner of the Best Portfolio Award at this year’s Bird Photographer of the Year, an accolade that celebrates his lifelong passion for photographing the Atlantic puffins. He says, ‘over the past few years, my passion for photographing Atlantic puffins has taken me on an adventure that has spanned the length of the British Isles, from the idyllic Pembrokeshire coastline to the rugged cliffs of Shetland. I hope the images in this book, are portrayed not only as a celebration, of both my journey with these charismatic seabirds, as it is an insightful study into their lives.’

Sandstone Press’s Managing Director, Robert Davidson, says, ‘Kevin Morgans was already recognised as one of the finest nature photographers in Britain but now, with this award, he moves into the very top ranks. I have seen the early work on his coming book and, believe me, it is stunning. Puffins: Life on the Atlantic Edge is going to cement his reputation at the very top and the wider public is going to love it.’


Kevin is a multi-award-winning wildlife photographer, tour leader, and photographic guide with a passion for UK wildlife.

Widely published and with a formidable social media following, Kevin has previously been a category runner-up in Nature Photographer of the Year, graced the cover of the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards and had multiple awarded images in the Nature Image Awards and Environmental Photographer of the Year.