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Women Hold Up Half the Sky

We’ve been disappointed to see misleading information on our upcoming book, Women Hold Up Half the Sky, in the press and online today without comment from us at Sandstone. Here’s our statement on the subject:

Collections of speeches in the public domain have a long publishing history - from The Penguin Book of Modern Speeches, to collections by individuals such as Tony Benn and Barack Obama. In this selection of her speeches, Nicola Sturgeon considers such diverse matters as gender and other equalities, the climate crisis, education, and human rights.

Women Hold Up Half The Sky is published and financed independently of any public body. Sandstone Press has received no funding for this book. Creative Scotland has supported Sandstone Press to deliver various projects through the Open Project Fund between 2011 and 2019. Women Hold Up Half The Sky is not part of that support. Similar to many Scottish businesses Sandstone Press has received support from HIE. This is in relation to business resilience and not any project or publication.