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Lasag Gaelic Series

The Sandstone Lasag* Series is comprised of short novels of around 18,000 words aimed at Young Adults who are advanced learners of Scottish Gaelic. The page-turning stories are designed to keep the reader engaged. All-Gaelic chapters are opened with a brief outline in English and ended with a glossary of their more challenging words and phrases. The Gaelic used will be relatively straightforward but not without challenges for the learner and will comply with the Gaelic orthographic conventions.

The series is edited by Alison Lang, whose novel of exile, San Dùthaich Ùir, appeared in the Sandstone Meanmnach series. Alison brings her experience as a novelist and scriptwriter in both Gaelic and English to the task and, in addition to hands-on editing, will bring a deep knowledge of literature in both languages.

*Lasag translates into English as ‘a small flame’.

Robert Davidson, Managing Director of Sandstone Press says:

‘Our first five titles, on which the new series is founded and developed, were a great success and popular with both learners and teachers. We now look forward to producing what will be a steady stream of new books which will help to enliven Gaelic literature and shine a distinctive new light on the modern world.’

Two Lasag books shortlisted for Donald Meek Award

Tha ‘An Creanaiche’ le Ruairidh MacIlleathain agus ‘Cho Snog ’s a tha thu’ le Alison Lang air a’ gheàrr-liosta airson Duais Dhòmhnaill Mheek. Thèid leabhar Ruairidh a chur air bhog ann an Inbhir Nis air 18 Lùnastal (cuir fios gu airson tiogaid an asgaidh) agus thèid leabhar Alison fhoillseachadh san t-Sultain.

Cuideachd air a’ gheàrr-liosta tha leabhar le Maureen NicLeòid, a tha a’ sgrìobhadh an Lasag aice an-dràsta agus bidh sinn ga fhoillseachadh an ath-bliadhna.

'An Creanaiche' by Roddy Mclean and ‘Cho Snog ’s a tha thu’ by Alison Lang have been shortlisted for the Donald Meek award. Congratulations to all the shortlisted authors.

Roddy Maclean

Roddy Maclean

Alison Lang

Alison Lang