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The Easternmost House by Juliet Blaxland

RRP: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240548
Publication Date: 25/04/2019
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The Easternmost House

Juliet Blaxland

‘The house on the edge of the cliff was demolished this week, which means we are now the house on the edge of the cliff.’

In June 2015, the house was 50 paces from the edge. Now, it is 25 paces away.

The Easternmost House is a memoir which describes a year of life on a crumbling cliff at the easternmost edge of England, all year round and in all weathers. Written at the kitchen table of the eponymous house in Suffolk, it is a meditation on nature, on coastal erosion, and on the changing seasons. It describes a life lived in close proximity to the natural world, and evokes the lived-in outdoors of the everyday: of the firewood forager, the improviser, the beachcomber.

Juliet Blaxland

Juliet Blaxland portrait

Juliet Blaxland is an architect, author, cartoonist and illustrator. She grew up in a remote part of Suffolk and now lives on the cliff edge of the easternmost part of England. She is the author...

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‘Destined to be a 21st century classic. Just brilliant.’
-John Lewis-Stempel, author of The Running Hare

‘A marvellous evocation of the Suffolk coast. It made me want to jump on the next train out of London.’
-Andrew Gimson, author of Gimson's Kings & Queens

‘[Juliet] creates a world full of people and poetry, which we must fight to keep forever... the whole book is both touching and often very funny, and I loved the monthly food lists.’
-Jilly Cooper, author of The Rutshire Chronicles