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Through Every Human Heart

Janice Brown

Through Every Human Heart by Janice Brown

Sent to Scotland from his East European homeland to bring back the grand-daughter of the last Archduke, Feliks Berisovic, with the very best of intentions, rescues the wrong woman, antagonises a psychopath, and shoots an undercover agent, thereby incurring the wrath of almost everyone including the security forces. But whose security forces? There is always a danger the psychopath will get to the Duchess before Feliks does. Even if the wrong woman turns out to be the right one there's still no guarantee of a happy ending, when everyone carries on making mistakes.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124499
Publication Date: 18/06/2015

Print Status: Not Available

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Janice Brown
Janice Brown lives with her husband in Central Scotland. She has written several books of teenage fiction. When not writing, her chief delights are travelling, knitting Alpaca scarves, attempting to...


‘Janice Brown is a wonderful story teller, and never more so than in 'Through Every Human Heart'.’

Michael Schmidt

‘Brown treads a fine line in mixing crime and comedy but her careful plotting means that one never overshadows the other. She also trusts her readers by introducing new characters with the merest of background information, only slowly filling in their backstory as the plot progresses.’

Book Oxygen