Sandstone Press

Hartsend by Janice Brown

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207879
Publication Date: 20/09/2012


Janice Brown

At the turn of the year, in a village in Central Scotland, several people come together at the funeral of Mrs Crosthwaite, a dominating woman famed for her fruit scones. Her middle-aged daughter Lesley now has a chance to break out – if it’s not too late. Lesley’s virtuous neighbour Ruby Robertson, the scourge of E-numbers, conjures up conspiracy where none exists. Her faithful friend Duncan at the age of fifty is suddenly susceptible to romance, but has an awful lot to learn about women. And the younger generation has its own love tangles to sort out. Meanwhile, out of everyone’s sight, something terrible is about happen.

Janice Brown

Janice Brown portrait

Janice Brown lives with her husband in Central Scotland. She has written several books of teenage fiction. When not writing, her chief delights are travelling, knitting Alpaca scarves,...

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‘She is wonderfully original yet leads us like a friend.’
-Michael Schmidt

‘An understated, but engrossing read.’
-Wendy James