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The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland

Clifton Bain

The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland by Clifton Bain

Clifton Bain now completes his trilogy with this look at the Peatlands of Britain and Ireland. A source of fuel for many generations, they are now a haven for wildlife and plants as well as a storehouse of greenhouse gasses. Their social history is one of exploitation and the value of mending and restoring is a major theme of the book.

Like its predecessors, The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland will be a sumptuous volume richly illustrated with photographs and with drawings by the wildlife artist Darren Rees.

RRP: £24.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781912240241
Publication Date: 04/11/2021
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Clifton Bain
Clifton Bain began his career in nature conservation with the RSPB in 1984, having graduated from the University of Aberdeen with an Honours Degree in Zoology. His work gave him...


‘For too long considered as wastelands, Clifton Bain puts the record straight regarding the beauty and value of Britain’s peatlands in this richly illustrated guide.’

Dr Tony Juniper CBE, Environmentalist

‘Not only a guide to the most scenic peatlands in the country, but celebrates the conservation efforts for this vital and beautiful habitat.’



Cameron McNeish, Scots Magazine

‘Packed with useful information... This useful reference guide will have you reaching for your wellies and binoculars in no time.’

Scottish Wildlife magazine

‘Brings together his vast conservation experience, with detailed accounts, maps and strikingly good photographs.’

Borders Forest Trust

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Sandstone Press launches RSPB charity partnership for The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland

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