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Over the Hills and Far Away

My Life as a Teletubby

Nikky Smedley

Over the Hills and Far Away by Nikky Smedley

Say ‘Eh-oh!’ to Nikky Smedley and Laa-Laa

Over the Hills and Far Away follows Nikky through the Teletubbies years, from her role as a bistro table during her audition to the show’s international success and the accompanying hounding by the press.

In this warm, funny, affectionate look back at life on the Teletubbies set, Nikky reveals all, including tales about dogs and asthma, raging arguments about fruit, and the games the cast and crew played to amuse themselves during long shoots in their massive costumes.

Join Nikky and Laa-Laa on their extraordinary journey from the very beginning to handing the torch to another performer for the next generation.

About Teletubbies

Unique in its use of educational theory, child psychology and revolutionary linguistics, Teletubbies achieved global viewing figures of three billion a year. Airing in 120 countries in 45 languages, it was one of the most internationally successful television programmes ever.

RRP: £19.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781914518058
Publication Date: 11/08/2022
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Nikky Smedley
Nikky Smedley has spent her career trying to avoid what her parents called ‘a proper job’. This doesn’t mean she hasn’t worked hard. Running her own dance company for twenty...


‘My showbiz memoir of the year. A hit!’

Louisa Young

‘This book is the reminder I didn’t know I needed.’

John Simmit (Dipsy)

‘Top notch insight into the woman within the puppet.’

Vic Reeves

‘Charming, funny, insightful, beautifully written.’

Kathy Brodie

‘Puts us right inside those hellishly uncomfortable costumes, without trashing the magic or betraying the children who gave Laa-Laa their love.’

Michel Faber

‘Funny, poignant and heart-warming.’

Murray Lachlan Young

‘What a wonderful book! Beautifully written and Nikki’s sense of humour shines through the pages.’

Georgina Durrant, author of ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play’

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