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Gears for Queers by Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240968
Publication Date: 04/06/2020

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Gears for Queers

Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper

Keen to see some of Europe, queer couple Lilith and Abigail get on their old bikes and start pedalling. Along flat fens and up Swiss Alps, they will meet new friends and exorcise old demons as they push their bodies – and their relationship – to the limit.

Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper

Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper portrait

Abigail and Lilith are a queer couple who are artists, community organisers and service industry workers. Lilith grew up cycling around their hometown of Cambridge and, when they met, transplanted...

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‘An overdue addition to the sports/travel/cycling canon, this memoir by queer couple, Abigail and Lilith, is an absolute delight.’
-Joanna Whitehead, Independent

‘Joyful... a refreshingly honest and thoughtful read.’
-Women's Health

‘Two refreshing voices in cycling. An essential read.’
-Jools Walker

‘Lili and Abi have opened up new space in the existing narratives of long-distance cycling. Their book will inspire many future journeys.’
-Emily Chappell

‘Abi and Lili’s account shows how you can become part of a landscape on a bike, even when you aren’t sure you fit.’
-Sarah Strong

‘Abi and Lili speak honestly and insightfully about mental illness, disability, fitness… This book made me laugh, broke my heart and most of all made me want to get back on my bike!’
-Eris Young

‘While it’s a great book about cycling around Europe, it’s also about existing as two queer people, making friends, taking on a landscape,and “being”. ’
-National Literacy Trust

‘A memorable, enjoyable and thought-provoking book that can be highly and widely recommended.’
-Undiscovered Scotland