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Yin Yang Tattoo

Ron McMillan

Yin Yang Tattoo by Ron McMillan

Alec Brodie kicked around South Korea for years, making his name as a photojournalist but blowing his money the moment he got his hands on it. A decade later, in London, things are no better but, just as the creditors are closing in, a fat commercial assignment arrives from the K-N Group in Korea. In Seoul he bumps into his old lover, Jung-hwa, now married to one of K-N’s senior executives. Brodie finds the Seoul low life as congenial as ever, not least the beautiful hooker, Miss Hong. Just as he's settling in to the swing of things, he discovers he is part of an enormous corporate scam - and then receives a ghoulish package. Miss Hong has been murdered, Brodie is the prime suspect, and in Korea the maximum penalty for murder is death. With the police on his tail and his face in the news his only hope is to go after K-N’s senior management. Brodie is on the run in a strange land – but perhaps not completely alone.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207312
Publication Date: 15/05/2008

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Ron McMillan
Ron McMillan is a former photo journalist and commercial photographer, and now a full-time writer based in North Thailand. His first book, Between Weathers - Travels in 21st Century Shetland...


‘An unusual setting with an authentic feel makes for a superior thriller.’

Scottish Review of Books

‘McMillan’s eye for detail, whether aboard a transcontinental flight or in a Seoul blues club, weaves a rich background on which increasing layers of intrigue develop.’

Bangkok Post Magazine

‘A violent, sex-and-alcohol-soaked romp through South Korea.’

Asia Times Online