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The Wolf in the Woods

Dan Brotzel

The Wolf in the Woods by Dan Brotzel

Colleen and Andrew’s marriage is in crisis. They’re drinking too much, keeping secrets from each other, and haven’t had sex in eleven weeks and three days. A teetotal week in a remote cottage could solve all their problems. But with the promised beach nowhere in sight, a broken-down car and a sinister landlord, they may not find it so easy to rekindle their romance.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781913207625
Publication Date: 02/09/2021

Formats Available:
Audio Book

Dan Brotzel
Dan Brotzel has written a collection of funny-sad short stories, Hotel du Jack, and a darkly comic novel, The Wolf in the Woods, both published by Sandstone Press. He is...


‘Full of cutting insights into the reality of long-term relationships but not at all short on heart-warming humour, The Wolf In The Woods is a sometimes sinister but tenderly told tale.’


‘A couple tries to rekindle their relationship through a romantic weekend getaway in the woods, but everything goes awry in a dark and extremely funny twist.’

Scots Magazine

‘Full of cutting insights... a sometimes sinister but tenderly told tale.’

Seven Days Magazine

‘Dan Brotzel is a master story-teller and observer of people and relationships. What is utterly brilliant is that he takes those things and brings them out into the open with humour, suspense and unexpected twists. I could not put this book down.’

Christy Lefteri

‘Sharp-eyed but warm-hearted, Dan Brotzel’s portrait of a struggling marriage will make you wince with recognition. Happily it will also make you smile. With characters that are all-too-relatable, The Wolf in the Woods skewers the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep going. I loved it.’

Stephen May

‘Funny, moving and enjoyably creepy. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’

Alex Woolf

‘Introspective, darkly humorous, yet chilling... takes readers on a captivating journey.’

The Indie Insider

‘A real page turner layered with the perfect amount of suspense and one that I couldn’t stop thinking about long after reading!’


‘Quirky, dark and original. I enjoyed its outlandish style and the dark humour.’

‘Had me chuckling and has an amazingly original storyline. Thoroughly recommended!’


‘A surprising and uniquely different novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.’


‘Gripping. A great short read.’

Wanda, NetGalley

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