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Expiry Date by Rachel Ward

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240982
Publication Date: 18/06/2020

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Expiry Date
An Ant & Bea Mystery

Rachel Ward

Bea’s favourite customer, Julie, hasn’t been seen for weeks. Her abusive husband claims she left him – but when a corpse is found, it seems to confirm Bea’s worst fears. Then police announce that the body has been buried for fifteen years.

Who is the dead girl? What was her connection to Bea’s late father? And what on earth has happened to Julie?

Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward portrait

Rachel Ward is a best-selling writer for young adults. Her first book, Numbers, was published in 2009 and shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. An avid reader of detective...

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‘This is fast becoming my favourite cosy crime series. Each book is better than the last and I just love everything about the world Ward has created here.’
-Caroline Green

‘I flew through it and absolutely loved it. I want more Ant and Bea!’
-Jennifer Killick

‘An intriguing mystery with heartwarming characters - I was hooked from the first page! Can't wait for the next instalment from Ant & Bea.’
-Jane Isaac

‘I loved Ant and Bea. The sense of community and the tight-knit web of friendship among the secrets and lies made it feel fresh and unique.’
-Mel Sherratt