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40% off! Cyber Monday sale

We usually give Cyber Monday a miss, but thought we'd have a go this year.

Pretty much everything on our online shop is currently 40% off, which seems like a good excuse to do some Christmas shopping, bag your next read, and support a small indie press:

'Pretty much everything?' you ask.

Well, my brother's coming to stay over Christmas, and he's refusing to sleep on/between boxes of books.

So, to keep my wee brother happy, use the code CyberMondayExtra10 to get a total of 50% off RRP for the following books:


Sweet Fruit, Sour Land by Rebecca Ley

The Crown Agent by Stephen O'Rourke

The Disassembly of Doreen Durand by Ryan Collett

The Actuality by Paul Braddon

The Wolf in the Woods by Dan Brotzel

The Master of Chaos by Pauline Melville

Kings of a Dead World by Jamie Mollart

The Health of Strangers by Lesley Kelly

Blasted Things by Lesley Glaister

Non fiction:

Over the Hills and Far Away by Nikky Smedley

The Year the World Went Mad by Mark Woolhouse

Love is An Ex-Country by Randa Jarrar

Higher Ground by Martin Moran

Women Hold up Half the Sky: Selected Speeches of Nicola Sturgeon, edited by Robert Davidson

The Weekend Fix by Craig Weldon

A Friendship in Letters: Robert Louis Stevenson & J. M. Barrie, edited by Michael Shaw

All or Nothing at All by Steve Chilton

Gears for Queers by Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper

Along the Amber Route by C.J. Schüler