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2022 Fiction Subscription

Couldn't wait to find out what's included in our 2022 fiction subscription? Already placed a few pre-orders? Here are the first three novels:

January: Sell Us the Rope

May 1907. Young Stalin – poet, bank-robber, spy – is in London for the 5th Congress of the Russian Communist Party. As he builds his powerbase in the party, Stalin manipulates alliances with Lenin, Trotsky, and Rosa Luxemburg under the eyes of the Czar’s secret police. Meanwhile he is drawn to the fiery Finnish activist Elli Vuokko and risks everything in a relationship as complicated as it is dangerous.

April: How Close We Were

Lily and Gina have been close since school, but have lived very different lives. When Lily’s daughter accuses Gina’s partner of assault the friendship is fractured, but is it beyond repair?

July: Caged Little Birds

The public think Ava’s a monster. Ava thinks she’s blameless. Released from prison after 25 years to a new identity and a new home, Ava finally has the quiet life she’s always wanted. When she saves a child’s life, however, her photo appears in the local paper – her new life, and the lies she’s told, are about to unravel.