Sandstone Press

White River by Jamie Whittle

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782908737236
Publication Date: 21/03/2013

White River
A journey up and down the River Findhorn

Jamie Whittle

Jamie Whittle, traveller and environmental lawyer, returns to his origins by the river Findhorn in Morayshire to make the journey from its mouth to its source on foot, and to return again by canoe. it is familiar ground, but made new after his many travels about the world. From the interaction of traveller and river there arises a new lyricism that speaks of energy, dangers, wild places, of bounty taken from hard landscapes, of beauty and risk. 

Jamie Whittle

Jamie Whittle portrait

Jamie Whittle is an environmental lawyer and traveller. He was educated in Scotland, England and America where he is a Morehead Scholar out of the University of North Carolina. He now...

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‘White River is a passionate and astute piece of work. A journey-book in the tradition of Basho’s Narrow Road To A Far Province, mixing poetry, prose and meditation, White River follows the Findhorn from its sea-mouth to its source up in the Monadhliaths. Jamie Whittle is never blind to modernity’s grip on the river, but never deaf to the river’s old magic either.’
-Robert Macfarlane