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Wait for Me, Jack by Addison Jones

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985380
Publication Date: 19/01/2017
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Wait for Me, Jack

Addison Jones

Set near San Francisco, this warm and funny novel follows the fortunes and failures of Jack and Milly for sixty years. They marry in 1952, and typical of post-war couples, shift up a class. Optimistic and full of plans, they see themselves living the American Dream. Through the years they cling to each other despite having little in common. But the clinging doesn’t always preclude infidelity or disappointment, and the social changes they live through impact on their relationship in complex and surprising ways. Ultimately, though, what holds them together is stronger than what pulls them apart. 

This is a love story that tells the truth – or one or two truths – about love and marriage.

Addison Jones

Addison Jones portrait

Addison Jones is the author of four novels and a collection of short stories, all written under the name of Cynthia Rogerson. Her short stories have been broadcast, anthologised, short-listed and...

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‘Spanning 60 years, Jones’s deceptively casual, episodic novel is a warm-hearted dissection of a dysfunctional marriage: disappointing affairs, unfulfilled careers, chaotic children, incessant sniping and growing differences. Uplifting and astute, this should save marriages.’
-Sunday Times

‘Told from both of their perspectives, with a dash of black humour, it is an insightful book that reveals home truths about love. A compulsive read. ’
-The Lady

‘A frank, earthy and drily amusing portrait of a marriage.’
-The Herald

‘It's about love and its slippages, mis-matches, compromises, making up and making do. Most moving novel of the year...’
-Andrew Greig, The Herald

‘Warm and funny novel...’
-The Courier

‘Brilliantly observed and often very funny.’
-Morag Joss

‘A lesson, not in how to love, but how to make love last.’
-Tim Pears

‘Be assured that this, right from the finish to the very start, is a darned fine novel indeed.’
-Alison Napier, Northwords Now

‘An involving novel, both timeless and of its time, in which every dimension benefits from the author’s wisdom and acute observations of love, marriage and human nature.’
-Isabel Costello

‘This is a brilliantly observed novel which provides insight into men and women and their attitudes to marriage. And whilst the couple at the centre of this story have been through a lot, their story is told with warmth, and a little humour.’
-The Owl on the Bookshelf

‘Jones’ writing is perceptive and often very’s an engrossing, utterly gripping novel.’
-A Life in Books

‘Jack and Milly’s marriage is like the weather, with sun either too fierce or blocked by clouds. They inhabit a climate with myriad variations of hot and cold, seeming different from the inside than from outside, from morning or evening, when filtered through a prism of the promise of happiness or resignation to “for better or worse”. ’

‘This book is a unique and individual take on love and what it really takes to make a marriage last and what personal costs and sacrifices it takes to make it work. Tender and stark. ’
-Reflections of a Reader

‘A very entertaining and thought provoking novel which many will find resonates, in part at least, with their own lives. It explores the roles each partner plays in the family unit in an effort to keep it whole and the sacrifices and selfishness that are individual to each. A very enjoyable read.’
-Greenacre Writers

‘After reading this book, it’s my opinion that any couple who goes to a church or registry office to enquire about getting married should be handed a copy of this novel.’
-Linda Boa