Sandstone Press

Up the Creek Without a Mullet by Simon Varwell

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207343
Publication Date: 01/02/2010

Up the Creek Without a Mullet
A hair-brained journey across the globe

Simon Varwell

After acquiring a fascination with the dubious 1980s haircut while travelling around Eastern Europe, Simon Varwell discovered a village in Albania called Mullet, and a mission was born. Up The Creek Without a Mullet charts the first three legs of the mission, in Albania, Ireland and Australia. Over the years, Simon has met clowns, farmers, journalists and politicians across the world as he visits remote villages, dried up streams, and obscure corners of the world simply because they have the word ‘mullet’ in their name. Creating media storms in both hemispheres, the list of mullets has grown like a tragic haircut, the quest threatening his career and finances, eventually taking over his life…

Simon Varwell

Simon Varwell portrait

Simon Varwell is a compulsive traveller, a keen amateur photographer and spends to much time having "what if . . ." moments. Born in 1978, Simon grew up in Benbecula in the Western Isles. He is...

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‘Varwell himself proves a likeable companion for the journey through his book: he has a dry wit (at one point, he describes Sydney’s rail system as ‘reliable, good value, and regular, all novelties for a Scottish traveller’), writes engagingly about the places he visits, and makes Up the Creek Without a Mullet a very personal account. The idea behind Varwell’s journeys may be daft, but he’s well aware of that; and his genuine enthusiasm shines through, making this book a very satisfying read.’
-David Hebblethwaite