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Tuath Air A’ Bhealach

Martin MacIntyre

Tuath Air A’ Bhealach by Martin MacIntyre

Is e tè òg nach fhaca cus dhen t-saoghal a th’ ann an Robyn Carruthers. Bidh i ag obair ann am bùth an Glaschu ’s a’ cèilidh air a pàrantan sa Bhealach tric. Is bochd nach b’ urrainn do Richard tighinn còmhla rithe air làithean saora, ach chan eil cothrom air. Thèid ise gu tuath air an trèana. Beagan coiseachd air a’ bhlàr a-muigh … dè a b’ fheàrr? Ach nuair a choinnicheas i ri Fi, tha Robyn a’ cur roimhpe slighe eile a ghabhail.

Robyn Carruthers has yet to venture far from the familiar. She works in a Glasgow shop, is in a relationship but remains closely tied to her parents in Balloch. She sets out for a few days off her beaten track and has no idea where it might lead or whom she might meet. In a bothy in a remote glen Robyn feels dangerously out of her depth.

Martin MacIntyre’s disturbing story of lost innocence could make even the most adventurous think twice before stepping out onto the moors alone.

The Lasag Gaelic readers series offers young adults a range of engaging, easy-to-read fiction, with English chapter summaries and glossaries to assist Gaelic learners.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124444
Publication Date: 21/08/2014
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Martin MacIntyre
Martin MacIntyre grew up in Lenzie, near Glasgow, his father being originally from South Uist. He studied medicine at Aberdeen University, graduating in 1988. In 1992 Martin attained qualifications in...