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The World is Elsewhere by Chris McIvor

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124345
Publication Date: 18/08/2016
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The World is Elsewhere
My Life in Cuba and Other Places

Chris McIvor

We were in the middle of hurricane season and one was brewing off the northern coast.

‘Should I be concerned?’ I asked the hotel receptionist.

‘Of course not,’ she replied. ‘Fidel is in charge.’

For years, Chris McIvor moved from one demanding and difficult job to another as a country director for ‘Save the Children’: Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Egypt, and elsewhere. In this latest book, he charts his experiences in Morocco and Haiti, then in the Cuba that marketing passes by and that tourists don’t see. In his journeying he has seen the best and worst of people, and the best and worst of aid in the developing world, but in The World is Elsewhere he also questions his own journey, and why he has lived the way he has, always moving, always solitary.

Chris McIvor

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Chris McIvor OBE has worked for over thirty years in emergency response and development in countries as diverse as Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. He is...

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‘If every one of us were like Chris McIvor the world would be a far better and less troubled place. That is not just down to the work that he does to help humanity. It is also in the way he embraces and describes the world that he experiences. Superb read and a must for all of us. ’
-The Bookbag

‘As a travel guide, the book is most valuable when it describes places most tourists wouldn't get to see or evokes the tedium of living for long periods in a location that at first seems exotic. McIvor's unique perspective as a clear-eyed aid worker has value. ’
-Kirkus Reviews