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The Weekend Fix

Craig Weldon

The Weekend Fix by Craig Weldon


In this light-hearted coming-of-age tale Craig Weldon, confused and directionless except for his love of the hills, wanders Scotland, Wales and England having fun outdoors. This is a lively account of hill-walking in all weathers and up and down every possible terrain, braving Welsh farmers, Knoydart rain, the terrors of the Cuillin, and the real ales of Yorkshire. From Sutherland in the Far North to the rolling downs of Gloucestershire, Craig and his friends search out their Weekend Fix. For hill walkers this is an easy guide to the hills, informative and amusing. If you’ve never been on a hill in your life this book will make you think again about the landscape around you, and the challenges to courage, determination and the human spirit to be found only a few miles from home, wherever you live in Britain.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207268
Publication Date: 01/09/2009

Print Status: Superseded

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Craig Weldon
Craig Weldon was born in 1974 in Glasgow. He has been a student, an engineer, a submersible pilot, a songwriter and failed music studio owner, an itinerant temp worker, a...