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The Tyranny of Lost Things

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

The Tyranny of Lost Things by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

When she rents a room in the house she lived in as a child, Harmony hopes she’ll uncover the source of her nightmares about that lost time. As the London riots explode in the streets, the hot summers of past and present converge, blurred by drugs and sex and cheap wine. Can Harmony grow up at last, and build her own future?

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240142
Publication Date: 21/06/2018
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Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett is a columnist, feature writer and editor for the Guardian newspaper. In 2012 she co-founded The Vagenda, a feminist blog which was published in book form by...


‘Combining an intriguing mystery with political scrutiny, Cosslett reveals how four walls can mean so much more than bricks and mortar. ’


‘Cosslett writes perceptively about the anxiety of young adults today; for their parents, life was wild, free and cheap, and their own lives do not seem destined to match up... A spirited debut.’

The Guardian

‘Cosslett paints a portrait of millennial London, contrasted with the idealism of Harmony's bohemian parents... Compelling.’

The Herald

‘Arresting… an almost palpable vision of London during a hot summer.’

The Sunday Herald

‘A compelling and emotionally perceptive portrait of human fragility and tenderness.’

The Irish Times

‘A wise coming-of-age novel that dissects present-day London... A thought provoking and evocative story.’


‘Set in 2011 and the 1980s, [Rhiannon's] excellent début novel tells the edgy and compelling story of Harmony.’

A Previewer Pick, The Bookseller

‘Literary, momentous, yet completely gripping -- a hard balance to strike. The Tyranny of Lost Things is a powerful exploration of womanhood and thoroughly enjoyable.’

Lochaber Life

‘Page-turning and thought-provoking.’

Buzz Magazine

‘A nostalgia-popping look at the place past countercultural lifestyles hold in contemporary consciousness, an intergenerational exploration, and a warning against romanticising the past.’

Laura Waddell, The Skinny

‘A brave, beautiful, coming of age novel - full of generational conflict, trauma, and Bohemianism. Truly a writer to watch.’

Nina Stibbe

‘Surprising and keenly observed, this is an original contemporary presentation of London: nostalgic but also brutal, with deft and poignant cultural comparisons. A jagged, bold, time-twisting dazzler!’

Emma Jane Unsworth

‘A rich, intriguing archive of uncanny sensation and emotion. It is a brilliant portrayal of a time and place in all its textured, strange specificity, as well as being a tender and clear-eyed portrait of the people who pass through, transform and are transformed by it.’

Nell Stevens

‘An elegiac intergenerational howl that answers boldly back to its literary parents. Cosslett’s talent for social commentary continues to arraign and amuse in this boozy tainted love-song to London.’

Claire Lowdon

‘The Tyranny of Lost Things is a hazy, evocative novel about place and belonging and a beautiful love letter to London in the summer’

Sophie Mackintosh

‘An assured and impressive debut - the writing is exceptional. The prose is beautiful; it's intense, it's mesmerising and the reader finds themselves immersed in the characterisation and the narrative.’

Katherine, BibliomaniacUK blog

‘I absolutely loved it and cannot recommend it enough, especially for fans of Ali Smith.’

Jordan Baker, @bookish_j_

‘A coming of age novel, very much for the present age, with a more than engaging leading woman. Secondary characters are many and brilliant, but most brilliant of all is the great city of London.’

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