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The Sunlit Summit

The Life of W. H. Murray

Robin Lloyd-Jones

The Sunlit Summit by Robin Lloyd-Jones

William Hutchison Murray (1913 - 1996) was one of Scotland's most distinguished climbers in the years before and after the Second World War. As a prisoner of war in Italy he wrote his first classic book, Mountaineering in Scotland, which was confiscated and destroyed by the Gestapo. The rewritten version was published in 1947 and followed by the, now, equally famous, Undiscovered Scotland. In 1951 he was depute leader to Eric Shipton on the Everest Reconnaissance Expedition. In later years he became a successful novelist and pioneer conservationist.

The Sunlit Summit was awarded Saltire Society Research Book of the Year 2013.

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Publication Date: 16/10/2014
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Robin Lloyd-Jones
Robin Lloyd-Jones is a climber, teacher, and award winning author of novels, short fiction, radio drama and non-fiction. He is a former president of the Scottish Association of Writers and...


‘There need never be another account of Murray's life.’

Robert Macfarlane

‘Lloyd-Jones is a diligent and affectionate biographer, and although this tome is one that will be of huge interest to any mountaineer or conservationist, it is also sufficiently accessible to be worthy of investigation by the casual reader.’

The Scottish Field

‘Captivating reading . . . eminently readable and enjoyable.’

Active Outdoors