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The Stillman

Tom McCulloch

The Stillman by Tom McCulloch

Jim Drever is a man apart, his closest relationship with the machinery he monitors in the distillery where he’s worked for twenty years. He treats everything else with bleakly humorous contempt: his fading marriage, the increasingly bizarre behaviour of his teenage son; his daughter’s impending wedding. He can deal with all that in his own way. It’s the emails from Cuba, made up of letters from his dead mother, that threaten to bring down Jim’s ordered world.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737670
Publication Date: 17/04/2014
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Tom McCulloch
Tom McCulloch has published poetry and short stories in various journals including Other Poetry, Northwords, Northwords Now, Eildon Tree, Markings, Buzzwords, and Wilderness magazine (New Zealand), and was long-listed for...


‘McCulloch offers a convincing insight into what it is to be Scottish – indeed what it is to be a human being – while building a thoroughly absorbing story which flits effortlessly between the Highlands and Cuba. Often poetic and with generous dashes of black humour, The Stillman builds satisfyingly towards an ending that keeps you guessing until the last page.’

What's On North

‘This is a funny, emotional work . . . with gallows humour undercutting the worst of Jim’s mistakes and plenty of quotable passages on the damage life does to us, The Stillman is well worth reading.’

Buzz Magazine

‘The mystery turns into a powerful depiction of a man struggling to come to terms with his past and to live in his present.’

The Herald

‘It is testament to McCulloch's remarkable craft that despite Jim's flaws, the reader keeps engaged with him right until the very end.’

The Booktrust