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The Starlings of Bucharest

Moscow Wolves #2

Sarah Armstrong

The Starlings of Bucharest by Sarah Armstrong

Ted moves to London to become a journalist but quickly slides into debt. Things look up when he is given the opportunity to go to Romania to interview a film director and then attend the Moscow film festival.

But someone has other plans for him.

Has he walked into a trap?

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781913207007
Publication Date: 22/04/2021

Formats Available:
Audio Book

Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong is the author of four novels, most recently The Wolves of Leninsky Prospekt and The Starlings of Bucharest. She is also the author of A Summer of...


‘Brilliantly evocative of the insidiousness, paranoia and mistrust of the Soviet period. A thrilling read.’

Charlotte Philby

‘An enviable talent for location and detail.’

John Lawton

‘The prose is beguiling – Alice Munro meets John le Carré.’

Fiona Erskine

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