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The Sister by Lynne Alexander

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737847
Publication Date: 19/06/2014

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The Sister

Lynne Alexander

William James, the psychologist . . .
Henry James, the writer . . .
Alice James, the sister?

Alice James spends most of her short life in bed. Henry calls it her solution to the "practical problem of life", and William is too busy and too far away to pay much attention. Her lifelong companion, Katharine Loring, is a constant support, but in the midst of coping with Alice's pain and frustration, the two women are faced with the shock of discovering Henry has made use of them in his fiction.

Lynne Alexander

Lynne Alexander portrait

Lynne Alexander was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Britain in 1970. She became a professional harpsichordist before turning to writing in 1980. She has since published five novels including...

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‘It is a warm and accomplished work of sympathetic imagination. I felt myself, as I read, wholly absorbed into Alice s painful but fascinating interior life.’
-Hilary Mantel

‘What an insightful, moving, fascinating triumph of a book it has proved to be. Her version of Alice is heartbreakingly intelligent; she is also irascible, manipulative, resentful, clear-eyed, brave, passionate.’
-Sunday Herald

‘A beautifully drawn and memorable individual, brave, vulnerable and fiercely intelligent.’
-The Guardian