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The Secret Life of the Otter

Foreword by Gordon Buchanan

Andy Howard

The Secret Life of the Otter by Andy Howard

Among the most popular and endearing of Britain's wild creatures, otters inhabit not only the full length of the British and Irish coasts but also many river systems and lochs. Formerly hunted almost to extinction, they are one of conservation's great success stories.

In this essential book, Andy Howard opens their lives to us with a perfect combination of words and images: how they hunt, the beauty of their movement, fierce battles over territory, and how they raise their young. From the Scottish Highlands to Vancouver Island, Andy's stunning photography will amaze and enlighten.

RRP: £24.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781913207410
Publication Date: 03/05/2021

Andy Howard
Andy Howard is a leading wildlife photographer located in the Scottish Highlands. His principal subjects are mountain hares, otters, red squirrels, and the birds of the Cairngorms. Andy contributes to...


‘Delightful images of an elusive mammal.’

Ben Hoare, BBC Wildlife Magazine

‘Filled with astonishingly intimate images of the creatures at rest, at play and at war.’

The Herald

‘Otterly adorable.’

Scotland on Sunday

‘This is a cracker of a book with some stunning photos. It really is the next best thing to seeing these wonderful animals in the wild.’

Iolo Williams

‘In this glittering collection of intimate portraits, Andy Howard brings us closer to the lives of wild otters than any casual observer could ever hope for.’

Sir John Lister-Kaye OBE, Naturalist and author


Gordon Buchanan

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