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The Passion of Harry Bingo by Peter Ross

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985816
Publication Date: 17/08/2017
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The Passion of Harry Bingo
Further Dispatches From Unreported Scotland

Peter Ross


Quirky, hilarious, always engaging and often moving, The Passion of Harry Bingo enters the lives of some of Britain’s least known but most amazing characters. From Orkney to the Sussex coast they bring light and laughter into all our lives: the Sikh pipe band and Wall of Death riders, herring queens and drag queens, crazy golfers and Harry himself, still following Partick Thistle in his nineties. This second selection of Peter Ross’s sideways looks at life in Scotland – and beyond – follows the highly successful and acclaimed Daunderlust.

Peter Ross

Peter Ross portrait

Peter Ross is a eight time winner at the Scottish Press Awards and was a shortlisted nominee for the Orwell Prize in 2015. He has written for titles including The Guardian, The Times, Sunday Times,...

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‘Funny, moving essays on topics from crazy golf to rehab. Ross has a keen eye, ear and turn of phrase.’
-Ian Rankin

‘Peter Ross is one of the finest feature writers working in Britain today. His new collection is terrific.’
-Alex Massie

‘An entertaining and essential read... Few writers are as good at holding a mirror up to life in today’s Scotland.’
-Books from Scotland

‘An incredible picture of a nation and its psyche, expressed through the stories of the quirky but convincing groups of people who make up the country... Ross has a deep compassion for and interest in the people he's talking to... He's the sort of journalist other journalists would like to be.’
-Doug Johnstone, The Big Issue

‘It takes a writer of uncommon class to extract the tales he’s gathered here and to retell them with such fondness and respect for the subjects.’
-The Courier & Advertiser

‘Tales of the Sikh Pipe Band and grouse shooting in Stirling bring home the real life and true colours of Scotland in the 21st Century.’
-5 Star Review, Scottish Field

‘Meticulous yet fiercely readable...’
-David Pollock, The List

‘This is newspaper reporting at its most distinctive - engaging, quirky, amusing and moving.’
-Scottish Island Explorer

‘By focusing on individual experiences Ross manages to say more than any straightforward reportage could manage, looking beyond clichés and stereotypes where others use them too readily to score easy points.’
-Scots Whay Hae!

‘His books really are fascinating, beautifully written... a wonderful reminder of the positive benefits of company and community.’
-Red Szell, RNIB Connect Radio’s ‘Read On’ book programme