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The New Northwest Passage by Cameron Dueck

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737151
Publication Date: 21/02/2013
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The New Northwest Passage
A voyage to the frontline of climate change

Cameron Dueck

The Open Passage Expedition successfully sailed through the Northwest Passage during the summer of 2009. The crew not only succeeded in sailing some of the most dangerous waters in the world, but also learned more about the people and their land. The Arctic is garnering global attention because climate change is melting its sea ice at a rapid pace, affecting the communities and the wildlife they rely on for food and livelihood. The crew of the Silent Sound set off from Victoria, BC. Four months and four days later they docked in Halifax, on the opposite side of Canada, with a tale to tell.

Cameron Dueck

Cameron Dueck portrait

Cameron Dueck is a Canadian writer and adventurer who has traveled the globe as a journalist, writing for publications including Reuters, Financial Times and South China Morning Post. Cameron's most...

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‘Honest, funny and unsparing, The New Northwest Passage is a sobering and insightful tale.’
-Herb, McCormick, Senior Editor, Cruising World