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The Mountains are Calling

Running in the High Places of Scotland

Jonny Muir

The Mountains are Calling by Jonny Muir

Longlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2018

Jonny Muir was a nine-year-old boy when the silhouette of a runner in the glow of sunset on the Malvern Hills caught his eye. A fascination for running in high places was born – a fascination that would direct him to Scotland. Running and racing, Jonny became the mountainside silhouette that first inspired him.

His exploits inevitably led to Scotland’s supreme test of hill running: Ramsay’s Round, a daunting 60-mile circuit of twenty-four mountains, climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest and culminating on Ben Nevis, to be completed within twenty-four hours.

RRP: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240630
Publication Date: 12/02/2019
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Jonny Muir
Jonny Muir is an adventurer, runner, writer and proponent of UK-inspired travel. Born in Birmingham in 1981, he grew up and was educated in north Worcestershire,before studying history at the...


‘Hill running in Scotland is a tough, daunting, punishing sport but Muir writes about it with such eloquence and passion that he makes you want to drop everything and head for the Highlands.’

Daily Mail

‘A paean of praise for the mountains and the runners who go there.’

Alastair Humphreys, author of Microadventures and Grand Adventures

‘An excellent book... after reading this I would defy anyone not to want to hit the hills of Scotland.’

Athletics Weekly

‘A fascinating book that charts the evolution of hill running... The Mountains are Calling not only chronicles the legends and tales of this Cinderella sport of the mountains, but is a passionate appreciation of those wild places that now and then become the arenas for these remarkable athletes.’

Cameron McNeish, WalkHighlands

‘Simply inspirational... a book we would without hesitation recommend to anyone who has ever toiled up a mountain in Scotland or the Lake District in pursuit of an elusive summit.’

Undiscovered Scotland

‘Inspirational and highly readable, Jonny Muir eloquently describes the mountains and the extraordinary people who run in them.’

Claire Maxted

‘The story of [hill running] in Scotland, charting its evolution over half a century, heralding its characters and the culture that has grown around them, and ultimately capturing the irresistible appeal of running in high places.’


‘Enlightening, captivating and well worth a read.This book is a great choice for any avid runner or nature lover in search of a collection of good tales or simply in need of some motivation.’

The Wee Review