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The Interpretations by David Shaw Mackenzie

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737267
Publication Date: 20/06/2013

The Interpretations

David Shaw Mackenzie

The police believe that Tom Kingsmill killed himself by jumping off a bridge but Mike Delvan is convinced he is still alive. To solve this mystery Mike will not only have to excavate the past but examine the fears, prejudices and secrets of the people of his home town, Dalmore. This carefully paced, illuminating novel explores, with sensitivity and humour, the complexity of life in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and where affection and friendship stray towards separation, deception and loss.

David Shaw Mackenzie

David Shaw Mackenzie portrait

David Shaw Mackenzie s first novel, The Truth of Stone, was shortlisted for a Saltire Society First Book Award and his short fiction has appeared in many major literary magazines and anthologies,...

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‘A social novel, and one in which comedy predominates. (It) poses the question: is memory enriching or a weight from which we should try to free ourselves?’
-Allan Massie, The Scotsman

‘A tautly written contemporary novel that clearly documents Mackenzie as an especially skilled author able to craft memorable characters and embed them into a riveting story.’
-The Midwest Book Review

‘MacKenzie’s chilling debut is as much a novel of a small town struggling to retain its identity in rapidly changing times as it is a murder mystery.’
-Publishers Weekly