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The Insect Rosary

Sarah Armstrong

The Insect Rosary by Sarah Armstrong

"I have a gift for you and Nancy." She put her hand into her pocket and pulled out two little plastic bags. There were two strings of rosary beads, black and shiny like a line of beetles.

All families have secrets, but Bernadette's are more dangerous than most. On holiday in Northern Ireland in 1982, she and her older sister discover their family is involved with disappearances and murder. Thirty years later Nancy makes a disastrous return to the farm with her own family. The events of the past gradually and menacingly reveal why those sisters have not spoken to each other since that last disturbing summer together.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124321
Publication Date: 18/06/2015
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Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong is the author of four novels, most recently The Wolves of Leninsky Prospekt and The Starlings of Bucharest. She is also the author of A Summer of...


‘An atmospheric, cleverly written exploration of the intensity of sibling relationships, The Insect Rosary is chilling and evocative: a story full of dark humour, unexpected tensions and unanswered questions, leading to an unbearably tense conclusion.’

Elizabeth Haynes

‘The Insect Rosary is a brave debut about sisterhood and the damage done to fragile minds when their truth is blatantly denied, within the context of a period of recent history which is still painfully contested.’

Anne Goodwin

‘Armstrong skilfully plants clues as to the reason for Bernadette’s breakdown, slowly revealing what happened that last summer at the farm.’

Book Oxygen