Sandstone Press

The Extinction of Snow by Frederick Lightfoot

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737533
Publication Date: 20/02/2014

The Extinction of Snow

Frederick Lightfoot

A woman receives an email from her son which reads, ‘I am sacred. Comfot me.’ Does he mean scared? Does he mean come for me or comfort me? Shortly after that she learns of his death, an apparent road traffic accident on a French country road. A piece of music plays over in her head telling her that something is not right about the version of events she has been told. She decides to investigate and this leads her on a bewildering journey across England, on to Paris and eventually to the French village where he died.

Frederick Lightfoot

Frederick Lightfoot portrait

Frederick Lightfoot was born in West Cumbria and educated at Sussex University where he studied English and Drama. He spent many years in London and has had many varied roles - lecturer in English,...

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‘Lightfoot restores hope in the future of prose.’
- The Journal

‘A probing psychological study.’
-Publisher's Weekly

‘Deep and detailed.’
-Mystery Scene Magazine

‘Lightfoot’s imagination is liberated by the female persona of his narrator, and inspired . . . often seems musical, with leitmotif anticipating future or echoing past events.’
-Egremont Today