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The Drum Tower

Farnoosh Moshiri

The Drum Tower by Farnoosh Moshiri

In the closing years of the rule of the Shah, young Talkhoon lives with her sister, Taara, with her grandmother Khanum-Jaan, her grandfather Baba-Ji, and her disturbing uncle, Asaad, in the house known as The Drum Tower in Tehran. In the tower, Baba-Ji continues his life’s work, an unfinishable book on the Simorgh, the Bird of Knowledge, but revolution of one sort or another is on the way and Talkhoon’s father is in hiding. The girls live with the mystery of their missing mother, and their grandmother's inexplicable hatred of her. In a book peopled by amazing characters and events, shot through with magic realism, Talkhoon’s life, and the life of her country, drive to their inevitable destinies.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124024
Publication Date: 05/11/2014

Print Status: Not Available

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Farnoosh Moshiri
Iranian born writer Farnoosh Moshiri has published plays, short stories, and translations in Iranian literary magazines before she fled her country after a massive arrest of secular intellectuals, feminists and...


‘The publishers are selling Moshiri as “Iran’s Solzhenitsyn”, which is a fair assessment of her intellect and breadth of vision — but I never enjoyed a book by Solzhenitsyn and I enjoyed The Drum Tower immensely.’

The Times

‘Dark humour and keen emotional insight.’

The Financial Times

‘Ambitious in scope, labyrinthine in construction and peopled with vivid and believable characters, The Drum Tower hurtles to a stirring climax on the roof of the house as mysteries are resolved and fates are decided.’

New Internationalist

‘It is not difficult to see why The Drum Tower won the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Fiction Award with its poetic language and ambitious themes. This is a weighty story which offers rich rewards to its readers.’

The Booktrust

‘In this gorgeously written book, ideologies spark war and old secrets are weapons, while the mythic Simorgh, the bird of knowledge, weaves through it all. It’s a heart-pounding rumination on knowledge, true and false, hidden and revealed, and contains one of the most dangerous villains I’ve read in ages.’

Curious Animal, Best Books of 2014

‘Moshiri’s prose is lyrical and smoothly fluid, and Talkhoon is a memorable heroine. The Drum Tower offers an intimate perspective on a major historical event, as well as finely developed characters, story, pacing, setting, and themes.’

J.S. Stinson, Foreword Reviews

‘“Iranian-born novelist Moshiri (At the Wall of the Almighty) combines Persian history, sexual politics, and ancient lore in this gripping saga about the dissolution of an aristocratic Iranian family on the eve of the 1979 revolution. ’

Publishers' Weekly

‘Moshiri weaves her striking narrative with camphor-scented dreams, wish-granting poems and the twilight ritual of the sapphire feather, creating an intricate, unforgettable tapestry.’

Kirkus Reviews