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The Disassembly of Doreen Durand

Ryan Collett

The Disassembly of Doreen Durand by Ryan Collett

From her apartment window, Doreen Durand witnesses a horrific accident.

The police want to know what she saw. Doreen doesn’t want to tell them – or anyone. But when she runs away it’s straight into the fantastic world of the wealthy and mysterious Violet Cascade. With one rogue police officer in pursuit, and life becoming more bizarre by the day, Doreen is caught up in a surreal game of cat and mouse.

RRP: £14.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781913207397
Publication Date: 13/05/2021

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Ryan Collett
Ryan Collett is a writer, knitter, and animator. He grew up in Oregon and now lives in London where he works as an editor. He also runs a popular YouTube...


‘I read this genre-exploding, original debut in a single day, and was hooked by its vivid images, its spiky strangeness, and its profound understanding of the disembodying effects of surviving trauma and living under capitalism.’

Christina Neuwirth

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