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The Devil in the Snow by Sarah Armstrong

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985540
Publication Date: 16/02/2017
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The Devil in the Snow

Sarah Armstrong

All Shona wants is a simple life with her young son, and to get free of Maynard, the ex who’s still living in the house. When her teenage daughter goes missing, she’s certain Maynard is the culprit. Her mother, Greta, is no help as she’s too obsessed with the devil. Her Uncle Jimmy is fresh out of prison and has never been entirely straight with her. Then there’s the shaman living in her shed. Shona soon discovers that the secrets she buried are as dangerous as the family curse haunting her mother.

Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Armstrong portrait

Sarah Armstrong is the author of The Insect Rosary and The Devil in the Snow. Her short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, and she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate...

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‘An intriguing and compelling story, told with the most sensitive of brush strokes, about how family myths and misfortunes are passed down the generations through shifting layers of truth. ’
-Liz Trenow, author of New York Times bestseller The Forgotten Seamstress