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The Caveman by Jorn Lier Horst

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124048
Publication Date: 19/02/2015
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The Caveman

Jorn Lier Horst


Only three houses away from the policeman's home, a man has been sitting dead in front of his television set for four months. There are no indications that anything criminal has taken place. Viggo Hansen was a man nobody ever noticed, even though he lived in the midst of a close-knit community. His death doesn't hit the headlines, but there is something about the case that catches the attention of William Wisting 's journalist daughter, Line, and she decides to write a newspaper article with a different twist for the festive season: the portrait of a completely anonymous and obscure person whose death goes unremarked and unmourned.

Jorn Lier Horst

Jorn Lier Horst portrait

Jorn Lier Horst (born in Bamble, Telemark 1970) is a former Senior Investigating Officer in the Norwegian police force. He made his literary debut as a crime writer in 2004 and is now considered one...

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‘The Caveman will delight fans of suspense and procedural realism.’
-Crime Fiction Lover

‘Up there with the best of the Nordic crime writers.’
-The Times

‘If you haven’t already, introduce yourself to Norway’s Chief Inspector William Wisting – you’ll warm to him even though his patch can get pretty cold.’
-The Sunday Sport

‘Not a typical serial killer melodrama.’
-The Sunday Herald

‘May well be the breakthrough book in the UK for this most unusual crime writer.’

‘Fascinating concept . . . "the caveman" . . . where a criminal could take over and live the life of a marginalised member of society without being detected.’

‘A thought-provoking book.’
-Euro Crime Blog

‘It’s a thought-provoking book – and, as in the gripping climax, an exciting one, as the two investigations merge in a well-engineered and entirely unexpected way. Then, if you haven’t already, do go back and read THE HUNTING DOGS.’
-Bob Cornwell in Euro Crime