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That Guy Fae the Corries

Ronnie Browne

Ronnie Browne

That Guy Fae the Corries by Ronnie Browne

With his musical partner, Roy Williamson, Ronnie Browne became a national and international figure as one half of The Corries. His autobiography describes his childhood in war time and the austerity Britain of the 1950s and 60s, his musical career including Scotland’s unofficial national anthem, Flower of Scotland, the death of Roy Williamson, and the following years as a solo artist. Through all of this time he has been an active and sought after painter and portraitist. Ronnie’s account of his life is both funny and fascinating.

RRP: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985069
Publication Date: 21/01/2016
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Ronnie Browne
Ronnie Browne was one half of The Corries, the popular folk duo who made famous the unofficial national anthem of Scotland, Flower of Scotland, written by the other Corrie, Roy...


‘Beautifully written, magic memories that made me laugh and cry. So wonderful the singer, so wonderful the poet, such special times remembered and recalled. Thanks Ronnie. A brae read!’

Finbar Furey

‘It is also a book that tells with disarming honesty the definitive story of the establishment of The Corries, of their early trials and tribulations, of their growing success, and of their establishment as Scottish icons.’

Undiscovered Scotland

‘What unfolds is an incredibly evocative depiction of a young life in post-war Britain, and it is worth reading the book for his reminiscences of those early days alone.’

Scots Whay Hae

‘Likeable because its tone is conversational and confiding, and there are few Scots who have a life story like Ronnie Browne’s to confide.’

The Scots Magazine

‘That Guy Fae the Corries has been synonymous with Scottish Rugby ever since he gave us permission to sing Flower of Scotland as our anthem. Now Ronnie Browne’s story gives an illuminating insight into the story behind Flower of Scotland, his life, and is a fascinating and enjoyable read.’

David Sole, Scottish Rugby Grand Slam Captain

‘One of the most significant voices in 20th century Scottish folk music.’

The National

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