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Tell Me Where You Are

Moira Forsyth

Tell Me Where You Are by Moira Forsyth

The three Douglas sisters were all expected to do well. Now, as they approach middle age, Gillian has her career and Frances is successfully bringing up her sons on her own. Then comes the phone call from Alec, the husband who left her for her sister Susan, thirteen years ago. Susan was always the problem, and now she has disappeared, abandoning Alec and her daughter Kate. Who's responsible for the surly teenaged Kate now? Not Frances, surely? As they begin to wonder what has really happened to her, Frances and Gillian find their sister is as powerful and disruptive as ever. This is a family full of secrets. Now there's another secret, and a new crisis is looming. It's not always the things you fear most which matter in the end.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207350
Publication Date: 15/05/2010

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Moira Forsyth
Moira Forsyth grew up in Aberdeen, lived in England for nearly twenty years, and is now in the Highlands. She is the author of five novels and many short stories...


‘Moira Forsyth writes with warmth and sensitivity.’

The Times

‘Sensitively written, (this book) contains keen characterisation and a strong awareness of the problems facing women today. ’

Scottish Review of Books

‘An acutely-observed exploration of the often complex dynamics of family relationships, sibling rivalry, motherhood, the disruption that can be caused by things left unresolved and why sometimes the best thing is to look forward, not back.’

What Cathy Read Next blog

‘A delightful and warm story about a dysfunctional family navigating its way through life and its various roadblocks.’

Novel Deelights blog

‘A gentle family saga that proves that family life can be filled with deceit and heartbreak but also filled with love and hope.’

Shelley Fallows, Tales Before Bedtime blog