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Stitch Up

A Best Defence Mystery, #4

William McIntyre

Stitch Up by William McIntyre

Scots Magazine Book of the Month, November 2018

Newly-wed and happy, criminal lawyer Robbie Munro can surely stay out of trouble. But when an old flame wants him to investigate the death of her fiancé, his problems begin. A notorious child-murderer might soon be free because prosecution evidence was fabricated – and it was Robbie’s dad who secured the conviction.

With time running out, can Robbie uncover the truth?

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240289
Publication Date: 16/08/2018

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William McIntyre
William McIntyre is a partner in Scotland’s oldest law firm Russel + Aitken, specialising in criminal defence. William has been instructed in many interesting and high-profile cases over the years...


‘A deft slice of Caledonian crime... rings viscerally true, thanks no doubt to McIntyre's lifelong experience in criminal law.’

The Times

‘A compelling, well-plotted mystery.’

The Herald

‘In this new release, he does not disappoint in bringing his trademark nail-biting, dark-humoured writing, with twists and gut-wrenching surprises that leave you thinking, ‘just one more page please…’’

Scottish Field

‘My heart lifts when I hear there is a new Robbie book heading my way. [Stitch Up] rattles along at the usual breathtaking pace. I can tell you no more: all I will say is, don’t do the old Agatha Christie trick of reading the last page first.’

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

‘I love this series – funny, insightful, great characters, witty and absorbing... Stitch Up was possibly my favourite one yet.’


‘Gripping, intriguing, and darkly witty at times, STITCH UP by William McIntyre is a cracking story that will leave you wanting more from the main characters. ’

Linda, Books of All Kinds blog

‘Stitch Up is a book we'd recommend to all fans of Tartan Noir who want something just a little different.’

Undiscovered Scotland

‘I really enjoyed the legal spin on the traditional crime thriller... Very clever.’

A Little Book Problem blog

‘Would highly recommend this un-put-downable and fast-paced read.’

Beauty Balm blog

‘A cracking read, cleverly plotted, engaging characters, humorous and it is clear William McIntyre knows his subject matter well.’

Grab This Book blog

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On The Blog

On the Blog: Stitch Up

This week we are celebrating the publication of Stitch Up, the brand new Best Defence Mystery from William McIntyre. Newly-wed and happy, criminal lawyer Robbie Munro can surely stay out...