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Small by Small

Becoming a Doctor in 1990s Nigeria

Ike Anya

Small by Small by Ike Anya

As he works his way through his medical training, Ike Anya’s grandmother reassures him,

Everything worthwhile is achieved small by small.

Ike’s story charts the triumphs and failures of his student days through to his first demanding year as a house officer. A medical memoir unlike any from the West, this is filled with the colour and vibrancy of tempestuous 1990s Nigeria, where political unrest, social change and a worsening economy make a doctor’s life particularly challenging.

RRP: £21.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: ‎9781914518096
Publication Date: 18/05/2023
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Ike Anya
Ike Anya is a consultant in public health medicine working in Nigeria and the UK, most recently supporting the NHS response to COVID in Scotland. An honorary lecturer in public...


‘A small miracle of a book. It entertains with delicious storytelling, and leaves us feeling moved and satisfied, and all in a beautifully unhurried way.’

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

‘An uplifting story of hope and ambition vividly recalled. Filled with fascinating characters and insights.’

Tendai Huchu

‘I raced to the end of this richly evocative memoir of the challenges of training as a doctor in 90s Nigeria. It’s a good corrective to This is Going to Hurt.’

Patrick Gale

‘A marvellously rich and lucid account of a doctor’s journey, clear-eyed and compassionate.’

Jowhor Ile

‘Anya’s wit is sharp, his humour gentle and his insights are so clearly based on an abounding curiosity and a deeply held compassion for his fellow humans.’

Ellah Wakatama

‘Beautifully told.’

Galen Strawson

‘A rich, alive and warm masterpiece.’

Dame Claire Bertschinger