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A Thousand Wakeful Nights, One Solution

Anders Bortne

Sleepless by Anders Bortne

Anders Bortne enjoys a good life in Oslo.

Happily married with two delightful children, he works as a speechwriter and has a cartoon strip in the newspaper. But Anders has been sleepless for sixteen years and it’s taking a toll. No remedy has gone untested; not one has worked. Perhaps the solution is closer than he thinks…

Translated by Lucy Moffatt.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781913207069
Publication Date: 24/09/2020
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Anders Bortne
Anders Bortne is a writer and musician who has written five acclaimed books and released eight albums. He has a law degree and currently works as a speechwriter for the...


‘Flows like a novel. His troubled musings are almost poetic.’

Erika Fatland, author of Sovietistan

‘Fun... empathic... heartbreaking.’


‘Sleep disturbances have been a feature of the pandemic, and sufferers will find much humorous food for thought in Sleepless by Anders Bortne.’

The Independent