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San Dùthaich Ùir by Alison Lang

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207756
Publication Date: 04/10/2011
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San Dùthaich Ùir

Alison Lang

Theich pàrantan Anna às an t-seann dùthaich. San dùthaich ùir tha iad bochd, a màthair a’ dèanamh obair shuarach, a h-athair gun obair agus Marguerite, piuthar a màthar, a b’ àbhaist a bhith na seinneadair opera, a-nis a’ lorg dhòighean eile a bhith a’ tighinn beò. Tha iomadh ceist aig Anna, ach tha iomadh rud nach inns a pàrantan dhi.

San Dùthaich Ùir is a story of second generation exile. Anna looks up to both her mother and her Aunt Marguerite although they live very different lives. Her mother’s is one of work and duty but Marguerite’s ways are quite different and Anna’s father does not approve. Anna eventually enters university to begin a new life of her own. When both Marguerite and Anna’s father die the people from the old country assist at the funeral and the book closes with Anna’s regret, perhaps anger, at the breach that has been made with her traditions. Alison Lang’s new book, San Dùthaich Ùir, is primarily aimed at advanced learners of Gaelic. The story is told entirely in Gaelic. Chapter outlines are given in English and a glossary of more challenging words and phrases are given at the end of each chapter.

Alison Lang

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"The amazingly talented Alison Lang" (so described by Mike Russell MSP, Minister for Culture and Gaelic) is a writer of short fiction, journalism and poetry. Twice shortlisted as Gaelic Journalist...

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