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Run Like Duck

A guide for the unathletic

Mark Atkinson

Run Like Duck by Mark Atkinson

The 2019 Running Awards: Best Book

A guide to running for the unathletic, told by a man who fell into the sport almost by accident. Progressing cautiously on a reluctant and unexpected journey to 100 Marathons (and beyond), he learned the hard way from years of getting it wrong. Unlikely to break any records or become a national figure for the standards he sets, he nonetheless has enhanced his life and fitness, taking his long-suffering family along with him. In this witty account, he writes about his unsteady progress while knocking the stuffing out of running pomposity.

RRP: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240319
Publication Date: 15/11/2018

Formats Available:

Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson is a husband, father and engineer. After a lifetime of inactivity and ballooning weight, he decided at thirty-two to improve his health for the sake of his kids...


‘Witty, funny and informative. Great for someone starting out in running!’

Dr Margot Wells

‘A hilarious tale of one man’s obsession, packed with advice for runners from beginners to aspiring marathon competitors.’

Sean Conway

‘This book will inspire you to stop reading and run more. Better than the Bible – if you're looking for a running book!’

David Hellard, Bad Boy Running Podcast

‘Thanks to Mark’s brilliant self-deprecating humour, Run like Duck will have you laughing up out the couch, into your trainers, and running a hundred miles with a smile on your face before you know it.’

Moire O’Sullivan, author of Bump, Bike & Baby

‘God-like, majestic, awe-inspiring are all words. Buy this book.’

Jody Raynsford, Bad Boy Running Podcast

‘I haven’t read this book but how bad can it really be?’

Robbie Britton, Team GB

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