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Phosphate Rocks

A Death in Ten Objects

Fiona Erskine

Phosphate Rocks by Fiona Erskine

As the old chemical works in Leith are demolished a long deceased body encrusted in phosphate rock is discovered. Seated at a card table he has ten objects laid out in front of him. Whose body is it? How did he die and what is the significance of the objects?

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781913207526
Publication Date: 17/06/2021

Formats Available:
Audio Book

Fiona Erskine
Fiona was born in Edinburgh, and grew up playing guitar, riding motorbikes and jumping into cold water. After studying Chemical Engineering at university, she learned to weld, cast and machine...


‘An original and fascinating combination of memoir and crime novel.’

Literary Review

‘Seamlessly blends memoir and fiction, science and mystery, to create a compelling story.’


‘Quite possibly the best mystery novelist ever to have taken up the quill in the name of chemistry.’

Engineering and Technology

‘Phosphate Rocks, currently my book of the year. It will take something incredible to top this one.’

Grab This Book

‘Phosphate Rocks rocks!’

Trevor Wood

‘A pacy murder mystery which also offers a fascinating insight into the workings of an industrial plant.’

Undiscovered Scotland

‘A brilliant book with a perfect mix of mystery, science, facts and great characters!’

MrsJTea blog

‘An absolutely compelling read, clever and inventive, but with a deeply engrossing human story at the heart of it.’

Lesley Kelly

‘Brilliant... This is a book that defies genre and expectations.’

Books in Steel City

‘A quirky read blending science, history and crime in a novel with plenty intrigue and suspense... A clever book, very entertaining and something that bit different in the crime genre.’

Portobello Book Blog

‘Utterly fascinating’

Ramblingmads blog